About Me

I am a happy wife and a mother of five fabulous children, all of them are girls except for four! : )

I love being a mother and have the privilege of homeschooling my kids and have done so for 19 years! I currently homeschool just the three younger ones, as my two oldest boys have grown up and flown the coop!

I have loved sewing since I was a little girl and spent many hours making clothes and things and making a lot of it with my mother.

Since becoming a mother myself, I found that my time to sew became very limited, especially with choosing to educate my children at home.

I first got the quilting bug a few years ago and quickly fell deeply in love with it.  But reality loomed heavily on me as I found that my love for sewing/quilting was becoming very frustrating to me as I seemed to never have time for it. So, I put it away thinking that this was just not the season for me.

This has happened a couple of times since, with the same results. Utter frustration.

However, in early 2012, a few things began happening very Providentially that has opened the door for me again to sewing and quilting in such a way that I cannot deny that this is a good thing for me to do at this time.  I have found, again, that I LOVE quilting and sewing, that it fills a very deep and meaningful part of who I am.  I am determined, this time, to figure out how to do the 'dance' of motherhood, homeschooling and quilting & sewing so that my life is enriched.

Due to my busy life, my posts will likely be infrequent, but I am excited to have this new outlet!

Happy sewing!

 This is my wonderful family!!!
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