Monday, December 31, 2012

Fleece Pajama Pants!

I got our fleece pajama pants done for Christmas and they turned out really cute, don’t you think??



We’re laughing in this first picture since my husband was trying to set the camera to take a timed picture so he could be in it… well, he missed getting there in time for the first picture…



And, he made it! : )

My oldest son on the right, the one who said he wanted his fleece pj’s to be basketball shorts length, is still trying to convince me that he was kidding… well, too bad. His are short!


My second oldest son is not in the picture since he is on a mission in Kentucky for the next two years!  


I even made a pair of jammie pants for his girlfriend (who he is not going to get to see for three years, since she is planning on going on a mission, too, and their missions will overlap!) 

She really liked them! : ) 




What a doll she is!

And yes, if you happened to make the connection… she is my quilting mentee. : )



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2012 - A Great Year to Start Quilting Again…

So here we go again… ending one year and beginning another.  I’m so glad I started quilting again this year as it’s brought me a lot of joy.

Here’s a collage of a lot of the things I sewed this year…


2012 Sewing Collage

The best thing about sewing and quilting is that, usually, the things you make are for a gift for someone you love. So, the project often evokes a feeling of love for that person when you see it.  What a wonderful hobby!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Grandma’s Hand Print Quilt

Several months ago I posted about a quilt I was planning to make for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Well, now that it’s Christmas and I’ve given it to her, I can follow up and show you the completed quilt, and the happy Grandma!




It took me a long time to try to figure out what to do with the blocks in between the hand prints.  I worried that if I did much piecing in these blocks that they would detract from the hand prints. I tried to envision different kinds of blocks and since I couldn’t really envision what they would look like, I just decided to do plain fabric squares. I did modify six of the blocks and put in four-patches instead.  I’m quite pleased with the outcome.



The blocks are 9 1/2” (cut) each and the finished quilt is 56” x 74”.

I appliqu├ęd the hand prints using Heat n’ Bond lite, and then did a narrow zig-zag around the edges.

I used fabric from California Girl – they look so bright and cheery!



  This block is one of my favorites. Since one of the grandchildren had a baby this year, that means Grandma is now a Great-Grandma! It didn’t work to give the baby her own block since that threw off my pattern, so I sewed her right along-side her daddy’s handprint. Adorable!




Near each hand print I fmq’d a little heart. (I need to get better at doing hearts!)



This block has the youngest grandchild’s hand prints on it, and since she’s so little (she’s only two) I decided to put both of her hands on it. Cute!




I labeled all the hand prints and this little tag on the back of the quilt using a permanent Micron pen. That’s what the gal at my lqs suggested I use and it worked great!

I backed the quilt with that double sided super soft stuff - it’s like minky without the bumps. What’s it called?? All I know is it’s SUPER soft and snuggly! Yum!

And yes, I did use batting as well. I wondered if it would be too heavy, but we all agree that it really is very snuggly and not too heavy at all.



And, yes, I remembered to sign my name!



This is my daughter snuggling up in it before we wrapped it up.



And here comes the big moment!



I LOVE to see the pleasant surprised look on people’s faces and you know you’ve given them something they love. : )



Oohing and ahhing over each grandchild’s hand print…




Yup, she loved it.




This is the youngest grandchild putting her hands on her hand prints. So sweet!



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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My husband gave to me….

On Christmas Eve there appeared a couple of big, gorgeously wrapped red packages near our tree. There were no tags on them, so I could only properly assume and hope that they were for me! : )




(Notice the two pillow shams on the right of the tree… I’ll blog about them later…)


This is me in a slight state of shock…

(I LOVE Bernina sewing machines! I grew up on them as that’s the only kind my mother ever bought, and they are wonderful!!!)



…could it really be?…



What??? A B750 QE Bernina sewing machine????????

For ME???

(The second box contained all of the accoutrements, such as the tray, instruction manual and dvd, etc.)

And yes, it came with a Stitch Regulator!!!!!!




It really is!!!!!!


Monday, December 3, 2012

Sharing the love of quilting… continued

My sweet mentee and I had another opportunity to get together to work on her quilt. It is coming along nicely!  She is such a dear person, and it is really a joy to see her find such joy in quilting and creating something beautiful.  I’m so glad for her!



She is doing so well! She’s a very diligent student, and a delight to spend time with.


She was so pleased to see it begin to fall together, to see the chevrons become chevrons!



More to come!!!

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