Saturday, September 1, 2012

Liberty Girls Retreat

My daughter and I went to the annual Liberty Girls Retreat on Thursday and it was wonderful!!! There were girls there from many different Liberty Girls Chapters.  They were highlighting the Kaya series of the American Girl books (mid 1700’s American Indian,) by learning about and doing crafts and activities based on that time period.


They got to do traditional face painting…


…make cornhusk dolls…

 IMG_7642 IMG_7644

See a real teepee and sit inside of it while learning about what life would be like living in one…



A sweet woman from the Navajo tribe from Arizona came and talked about weaving, caring for babies… she sang them songs in Navajo… let them taste homemade beef jerky and dried berries… She was wonderful!

 IMG_7649 IMG_7654 IMG_7669

And they had some amazing traditional dancing for us to watch. So neat!!!

We had a great day!


And now for the fabric-y part of this post…


I was at the fabric store yesterday, intending to buy just one certain fat quarter that I needed… they didn’t have the certain fat quarter that I needed… but in the meantime I saw this gorgeous layer cake from the Merry Medley line. So lovely! ** I – just – had – to – get – it. **  You know how it goes. I guess I’ll just add it to my gonna-make-someday list. : )


And I finally totally finished my daughter’s birthday dress by sewing and putting on that cute bow on the waist band. Adorable!

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