Sunday, August 26, 2012

My little girl is growing up!

My daughter is turning 7 years old, and she is my baby!!!  I can’t believe I’m on the second half of my time of raising kids!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

I sewed a new dress for her birthday, but since we had lots of family in town for a family wedding this weekend, I thought I’d give it to her early so she could wear it to the reception.


She is so tall and skinny, it’s hard finding dresses that would be long enough for her at the store.  I made this one plenty long so it will fit her for a few more months – I hope!


She wasn’t a flower girl for the wedding but she was lucky enough to get to have a little bouquet of flowers to keep.


Here’s big brother showing off his manliness, to the delight of one little girl!


And if you didn’t notice it in the first picture, she quickly initiated this dress as she tripped and fell and smudged her skirt.  So, it had to be washed right away so it would be ready for church today. : )


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Marion said...

I didn't realize that our babies are the same age :) We started and ended pretty much at the same times :) The dress is nearly as beautiful as the girl :)

Patricia said...

I used to sew for my girls. I miss is sometimes. I just cut up one I had saved that my eldest daughter wore to her 8th grade dance. It's going to be a pretty quilt. I showed the pieces on a Design Wall Monday post on my blog.

Jerri Washam said...

Great job! That’s for the dress and for making it appropriate in any occasion. :D She’s looks so sweet wearing it. And I’m sure she wouldn’t complain if she has to wear it again on her birthday. Simply because every girl feels most beautiful when they’re wearing something mommy has made for them. ;)

Jerri Washam

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