Thursday, December 27, 2012

My husband gave to me….

On Christmas Eve there appeared a couple of big, gorgeously wrapped red packages near our tree. There were no tags on them, so I could only properly assume and hope that they were for me! : )




(Notice the two pillow shams on the right of the tree… I’ll blog about them later…)


This is me in a slight state of shock…

(I LOVE Bernina sewing machines! I grew up on them as that’s the only kind my mother ever bought, and they are wonderful!!!)



…could it really be?…



What??? A B750 QE Bernina sewing machine????????

For ME???

(The second box contained all of the accoutrements, such as the tray, instruction manual and dvd, etc.)

And yes, it came with a Stitch Regulator!!!!!!




It really is!!!!!!


1 comment:

Marion McClellan said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! a+++++ for Grant ;) I can't wait to see what magic you make with it :)

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