Monday, December 31, 2012

Fleece Pajama Pants!

I got our fleece pajama pants done for Christmas and they turned out really cute, don’t you think??



We’re laughing in this first picture since my husband was trying to set the camera to take a timed picture so he could be in it… well, he missed getting there in time for the first picture…



And, he made it! : )

My oldest son on the right, the one who said he wanted his fleece pj’s to be basketball shorts length, is still trying to convince me that he was kidding… well, too bad. His are short!


My second oldest son is not in the picture since he is on a mission in Kentucky for the next two years!  


I even made a pair of jammie pants for his girlfriend (who he is not going to get to see for three years, since she is planning on going on a mission, too, and their missions will overlap!) 

She really liked them! : ) 




What a doll she is!

And yes, if you happened to make the connection… she is my quilting mentee. : )



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LynCC said...

Fun!! We're all so tall, I've decided the only way we'll have winter jams long enough is if I make some. This will happen next winter for sure. :) Fun pics here.

Sarah Craig said...

Congratulations on a fabulous group of finishes! I made sleep pants one year for a family gift and it was a big hit. Yours are awesome! Whoop whoop!!

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