Friday, January 4, 2013

2 Pillow Shams… finally!

I made these patchwork bedspreads for my two youngest sons about 3 years ago for Christmas, and had planned on making pillow shams to match them. (I even had them cut out.)  But, I ran out of time that year and didn’t get them done. And unfortunately, they sat on my shelf for the past three years, mostly forgotten about, until the other day when my son mentioned that he wished he had a pillow sham for his bed. (A bell went off in my head and I said, “Oh ya!”)

So, I finished ‘em up and gave them to them for Christmas this year.



First up is the quilt I made for my animal lover. He’s loved animals since he was tiny.  I love this quilt as the fabric colors are so warm and cozy. The dark squares are either dark brown corduroy, or black fake fur.  They make for fun texture differences here and there.



  The sham’s outer border is out of the dark brown corduroy.




In my mom’s stash I found a couple yards of cheetah print corduroy. It wasn’t enough to fill the whole backing, but it fit nicely in the center with a brown cotton border.



Next is my youngest son’s bedspread and sham.  He doesn’t have a particular ‘love’ like my other son, so I had to choose something that I just thought he would think was cool. So, since he likes learning about the world, I chose travel/map fabrics.





His borders are out of flannel.



It’s funny… I made these bedspreads before I ever heard about free motion quilting. Up until Spring 2012 I thought all quilting had to be done on a long arm with fancy software… Well, a friend of mine mentioned to me that there are people who ‘tie’ patchwork quilts on their regular machines all the time. It was a foreign concept to me and it was quite a stretch for me to wrap my brain around it.  I dove in and tacked each fabric square corner on my machine, like a dutiful quilt tie-er, and was pretty amazed with myself. : )


It’s about time I got these shams done!


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Stella Nemeth said...

What happy quilts. And I like that they aren't exactly the same or even the same colorway. Two different kids, two different quilts.

I've never tied a quilt. But I knew people who took it for granted that was what you did with them because they had never seen it done any other way. I think it is a useful skill. Never occurred to me to do it by machine though.

amandajean said...

hurray for finished shams! those are always hard for me to finish, too. so i'm celebrating with you just a little extra.:)

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

Myra said...

Thanks very much Stella. It's funny how stressed I was about 'tying' them on the machine. It seemed like such a crazy notion to put that whole quilt under the machine. Little did I know!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

Have a great day!

LynCC said...

These are both cool sets. :D I particularly love the backings for both of the quilts. Very inviting!

Sarah Craig said...

You definitely get a whoop whoop for finishing up such old UFOs - and I bet your boys are pretty happy with them too!!

Patty said...

Hi, Not sure how I found your blog but I think it was from Crazy Mom Quilts. Anyway, I wanted to comment on your quilts. I love them! Several years ago my son asked me to make his beloved dog a quilt so I used fake animal fur and corduroy fabrics. It turned out so nice I wanted one for myself. After seeing the one you made I now have a desire to get busy and make another one. I just love quilts made from dark fabrics. Also, I wanted to comment on the travel/map quilt. I love the fabrics you used in this quilt. It's amazing how you were able to find so many fabrics to fit the theme.

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