Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Dress

This Easter I decided to get out of my comfort zone of sewing dresses only with cotton, and went with some hot pink satin and some sheer white wedding type fabric. (What’s it called??)



I basically cut out two dresses, one out of each fabric, and sewed them together to have the pink show through the sheer white fabric. It turned it to a more of an icy pink. I think it turned out rather nice!


You can see the color of the satin as it’s what I used in the sash and the sleeve trim.



I was going to make a matching dress for her 18” doll like I did last year, but I got a little burned out on trying to keep double layers of slippery fabric together and decided that one dress is enough. She didn’t know I was considering making a doll dress, so she is not disappointed. :)


I hope you had a lovely Easter!!


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Renee said...

Wow it turned out so cute! And she clearly loves it!

Amy said...

very nice! what a doll.

Marion McClellan said...

Love LOVE love! It turned out so pretty :) You amaze me!

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