Saturday, June 2, 2012

Got my miracle - mostly : )

OK, so the miracle of all that STUFF going to the proper home didn't happen, but it all did find a home! Look closely and you'll see that it all got stuffed under the long table! How's that?! Brilliant! The point is, the room became very usable as a bedroom and a sewing room. Here's the before and after shots:



And now his bed is ready!


Marion said...

I LOVE it!!! You store things like I store stuff :) It was so fun to see you yesterday!!! I bet you are having such a GREAT time with Tanner!! :) go over and link this post to my stash linky party :) xo

Myra said...

You got it! I'll link up!
Yes, we are having a terrific time with him home. It's fun to watch him try to 'adjust'. :D

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