Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Operation Wood Hollow

You may have heard about the fires sweeping across the west of the US.  Sanpete County in Utah has been rather devastated by fire with over 39,000 acres burned, about 300 homes evacuated and at least 29 homes destroyed.
Julie at Having Fun Quilting and her family were ones that were recently evacuated and is working hard to help others who have lost everything.  She is organizing “Operation Wood Hollow” to collect quilts and supplies such as quilt tops, fabric, money, anything that can be contributed to help these families.  All help is welcome, so stop by her blog to see if there’s something you’d like to do!

I knew I wanted to help out, but also knew I wouldn’t have time to quickly make a quilt, so I remembered I had some really cute pink floral fleece in my stash.  I thought it would be a perfect way to have my kids join in on the service effort!   

We had fun tying the edges of the fleece and my kids thought it was pretty neat to be helping in some way.  This afternoon I drove the blanket down to be delivered to Marion as she is helping Julie out.

Thanks for the opportunity to help, ladies!


Marion said...

SUPER cute!!! Thank you so much, Myra :) ...and what cute helpers you have :)!!!!

~ Julie ~ said...

Thank you so much, Myra! Please give yourself and those cute kids a hug from me! I love that blanket and so will the recipient! Thank you for helping me spread the word!!! :)

Sarah Craig said...

What a great idea for a fast turnaround on blankets! And so pretty, too!

beth said...

So nice to see the kids helping on this one! Great job Mom!

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