Saturday, June 2, 2012

He’s Home!!!

He's Home! He's really here! Finally! After two years, he's HOME! Wahoo!!!

Here's my handsome missionary:
(the one in the middle with the white shirt on)


This is me hugging the daylights out of him at the airport and my little daughter coming in from the side! :)

There were two other missionaries who also came home from Honduras and as they were standing together to get one last picture together, they were all looking around with somewhat bewildered looks on their faces, and one of them said, "Woah. They all speak English!" They have heard almost nothing but Spanish for the last two years. : )

...and, in case you're wondering, he liked the quilt I made him. And I think it looks way better with him on it. : )

It is SO Great to have him home!

I love my family!!!


Marion said...

YIOPEEE!!!! I bet it is the BEST feeling to have him home! One down! A++++ Mom!

Myra said...

Thanks Marion! It is a Really awesome thing.

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