Monday, July 2, 2012

What's a mother to do???

It's summer time, and I thought that I might actually have more time to sew...  That's what I get for thinking, right? ; )

Well I thought I might have a couple of hours to sew this afternoon, but one of the kiddos was having this "I hate summer - there's nothing to do" thing going on.  After a few suggestions, he finally seemed interested in the idea of learning how to do wood burning.  So off to Walmart we went to buy some cheap balsa wood plaques, then home again for a lesson on wood burning.

Anyway, long story short, he's in the kitchen happily wood burning away - and there went my two hours.

That's ok. That's what mothers are for. : )



April said...

That's so sweet! Isn't it funny how kids sometimes think that there is nothing fun to do!! Sometimes they just need a little inspiration. :)

Marion said...

You are a VERY sweet mother :) :) <3

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