Friday, July 27, 2012

18” Doll Dress - Josefina

I’ve been busy cutting out and starting to sew some 18” doll dresses like Josefina’s for our Liberty Girls group.

I cut out all 11 of the doll shirts and skirts…


And then sewed one of the outfits for my daughter’s doll. Cute! The only things missing are the sash and the rebozo (shawl) and the girls will be making those themselves at one of our club meetings.

IMG_7489  I think making 18” doll clothes is pretty fun! The dolls are big enough that you aren’t going crazy with things being too tiny, yet, they are small enough that you get things made pretty fast! AND, they can sure make a little girl’s face light up with delight! When I gave this doll outfit to my daughter she immediately went and put it on her doll and then got her own Josefina skirt on and a white shirt (since I haven’t made my daughter’s Josefina shirt yet) and she played all afternoon.  

Such fun!

PS – If you’re interested in finding patterns for some of the older American Doll clothes, go to this link:



July Finishes


Sarcastic Quilter said...

super cute.

Jean Belle said...

Nice job! Seeing your post made me smile. Brings back memories of making clothes for my daughter and her American Girl doll. She's all grown up now. (sigh) Glad you can make those great memories with your daughter too.

Angie @ craftedAngles said...

Very cute - I am sure that your daughter will love it!

Sarah Craig said...

Very cute, Myra! Any little girl would love it! Whoop whoop!!

Elizabeth said...

SO CUTE! I love that pretty red fabric and Josefina looks so adorable in her outfit. I've loved hearing about what your American Girls group is doing. And I love that your daughter put her matching outfit on and played all afternoon! Too much fun! Thanks for linking up!

xo -E

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