Friday, August 3, 2012

Josefina is ready!

I finished my daughter’s camisa (shirt) and it sure turned out cute! She had me braid her hair and put flowers on the end of the braid so she’d look just like Josefina does in the book. :)  (Minus the rebozo and sash. I’m working on it!)
IMG_7495   IMG_7496  IMG_7498
Having fun posing!
It’s a cute shirt and it went together rather quickly. Now I’ll be sewing 3-5 more girl outfits and 2-4 more doll outfits.

Besides sewing, it’s also been a busy week of cutting and preparing packages of fabric, etc.,  to go to the moms of our Liberty Girls group, and I think I’ve just about got them done!
Looking at them piled up in ziplocs like that sure doesn’t look like much, but believe me, it took some time. : )  But it’s all worth it.  I’m really looking forward to the Fandango we’re going to have in September. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and post about it here!

One thing about this shirt pattern is that it’s short! Either that or I totally read the pattern piece wrong (which is entirely possible.)  I thought it looked short so I added about 2 1/2” to it and while the finished shirt will tuck into my daughter’s skirt, it comes out easily. I wish I would have cut it about 2"-3” longer. Oh well, live and learn.

August Finishes

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Marion said...

Super cute!!! Love love love it :)
Ps - my mom asked about you today...and your "darling little boy" (Tanner). I told her that he was still "darling" and just home from his mission :)

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