Friday, May 18, 2012

Bridesmaid Dress done and Manly Man topped!

I finally did it! I got the bridesmaid dress done and it looks really good, if I do say so myself! : ) Although I cut it out and started sewing a bit on it Saturday, I didn't have time to touch it again at all until Wednesday, and then only for an hour. So, Thursday came and I had a sewing marathon, in between other sundry things... Then finally, at 11:20 pm, I finished it! The wedding was today and so rather than take a picture of the finished dress on a hanger, I took the picture of it on the lovely bridesmaid! (BTW, the tall handsome fella in the back is my second oldest son : )


And then today I finished the Manly Man quilt top!


So now, somewhere in between the 2 trillion dress rehearsals for the play my three youngest kids are in, and their 3 performances next week, and all the other end-of-the-school-year stuff that happens all in May, I will go see if I can find some fabric to buy for the backing and get this done! I’m down to 1 week and 6 days before my oldest son comes home from his mission! Yay! Besides needing to get this quilt done before he gets home, I also have to get him a bed to put it on! Yikes! Yes, it will be a busy couple of weeks!

May Finishes


Sarah Craig said...

Your manly man quilt is awesome! That's a great design and easy to adapt for man or woman!! Whoop whoop!!

Myra said...

Thanks Sarah! You and your blog are so inspiring!!! I love your quilt ministry! What a beautiful service. I hope to get a quilt done and sent to you for the Happy Chemo soon. Thanks for all you do and for giving us the opportunity to join in with you!

Elizabeth said...

First, your second son is very handsome.

Second, you did a really beautiful job on the bridesmaid dress! I'm glad you to a photo of it on the beautiful bridesmaid! Congratulations on a great finish and thank you for linking up!

Third, love the manly man quilt! I hope your son will love it too!

xo -E

Myra said...

Elizabeth, thank you! And yes, I think my second son is very handsome, too! : ) Thanks so much for your monthly fun linky parties!

Marion said...

Yeah, Myra!!! WONDERFUL dress and AWESOME quilt! I am so excited for Tanner coming home to you :) Two years is a LONG time! I remember waiting for him to be born!

Myra said...

Haha... that's right! It's sure a good thing that pregnancy doesn't last two years!!!

kennady said...

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